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Born and bred Brooklynite Edson Sean is a singer, songwriter, emcee and producer on a mission to bring authentic musicality back to the forefront. Rising in the music industry influenced by jazz, soul and hip hop, he has combined live instrumentation with the rhythms of these genres overlaid with love-based lyrics. In this vein, he has released several solo projects as well as created the collaborative super band, The Experi3nce. 

In 2009, Edson Sean made an impact on the music scene when he was chosen by Jazz at Lincoln Center and the State Department to be an American Music Ambassador. As part of a R&B Hip Hop Quartet, passionate about teaching, he traveled to six West African countries for cross-cultural diplomacy performing American music.

Not only does Edson sing and write, he also plays several instruments, including piano, drums, guitar and djembe. In 2015, Edson released his self-produced full-length album, “The Pursuit of Magic” from which his video for the single “Stupid Me” was previously in rotation on VH1 Soul.  

Edson seamlessly combines old school Hip Hop sensibilities with a classic soulful feel that creates a refreshingly new, yet familiar, sound. His goal is to prepare the public for next thing in Hip-Hop/Soul. He has been influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Eric Roberson to Big Daddy Kane and The Roots.  

Edson has performed in venues across the United States and Africa. You can catch him streaming weekly on Live.Me or performing at SoFar pop up shows to curated private events at SOHO House. In 2018, further rising in prominence, Edson will be releasing several independent self-produced campaign projects and gaining more visibility as a producer for up and coming artists in genres crossing R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae and Soca. Wherever you buy or stream music, you can find Edson Sean.

Recent Releases

2015— Pursuit of Magic

— Edson Sean

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"The roots stem from hip hop/R&B and the seed is Hip Hop Soul. Combining these elements is no easy task but this rapper/vocalist/producer masterfully intertwines the best of both worlds in The Pursuit Of Magic. " — OneTrackMine

"Edson Sean shows that he is ready to play hard in the R&B game. The album may be called In The Pursuit Of Magic, but it’s clear that the Brooklyn singer may have something enchanting already." — 24OurMusic

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The Experi3nce: A superfuse of music

the experi3nce




Super Group  

Headliners: Edson Sean, Arin Maya, BD3 

backed by bass, guitarist, trumpet, drums